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Subaru is an automaker that's done it all, even since before its founding in 1953.

What began in 1915 as the Aircraft Research Laboratory, headed by industrialist, politician, and once-cabinet minister Chikuhei Nakajima, got reorganized in 1932, becoming the Nakajima Aircraft Company. After World War II, it would become Fuji Sangyo Co, Ltd., a firm that, in 1946, manufactured Fuji Rabbit, the classic motor scooter, using spare aircraft parts. By 1950, Fuji Sangyo would split up into 12 smaller corporations by order of Japanese legislation.

However, this wasn't its end. Between 1953 and 1955, five of these corporations -- the scooter manufacturer, a coachbuilder, an engine manufacturer, a chassis builder, and a trading company -- plus a newly formed one, would merge, forming Fuji Heavy Industries. CEO Kenji Kita took the business into car manufacturing and named it Subaru after the Pleiades star cluster depicted in the marque's contemporary logo. The Subaru heritage? It would become automotive history.

It's a saga that continues today, with Subaru poised as one of the most popular producers of cars and SUVs out there. Its offerings range from sedans and hatchbacks like Legacy and Impreza to crossovers like Forester and Outback, and they're all built rugged, for everything from exploring the Great Outdoors to everyday bad-weather, rough-terrain driving. Subaru even produces some of the most sought-after sports cars out there, like WRX and the rear-wheel-drive BRZ. Moreover, it's an automaker known worldwide for several innovations -- among them, its iconic flat-four BOXER engine and permanent Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system.

Here at Subaru OEM Parts Online, we uphold that tradition. Sure, we sell a wide variety of auto parts -- everything from control arms and engine parts to drive shafts and radiators. What's more important, though, is that we only offer the genuine article - parts made by Subaru specifically for the model you drive. That's compatibility assurance you won't get on the aftermarket.

Searching for Subaru parts here online? We've made it easy. Better yet, we've kept it affordable. Key your model and its year into our catalog, and you'll discover many of the kinds of parts you're looking for. Then, place your order. We'll ship what you need immediately. Best of all, your parts will come straight from the Subaru factory.

So, make those upgrades or long-planned repairs with peace of mind. Buy today! And if you have any questions or concerns while you shop -- even if you need expert advice -- feel free to contact us. Our professional parts specialists will be happy to help out.