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The Subaru Forester is a compact SUV that's been making a name for itself since 1997, for five generations and counting. It shares its platform with Subaru Impreza, making it a crossover. Unlike with other brands, however, it's no car -- it's one of the ruggedest orienteers out there for people that love to travel and explore the Great Outdoors.

Its story began with a simple trim lineup: a well-equipped L and an even better-equipped S. By its 2000 facelift and minor interior update in 2001, Forester would be taking off. It came back fine-tuned for a second generation in 2002, with new X and XS trims appearing in 2003, followed by a spirited turbocharged XT trim in 2004. By 2005, there'd be popular L.L. Bean edition. A 2006 facelift accompanied the replacement of the XS trim with Premium and, in 2007, a Sports trim was added.

The third generation in 2009 brought back an even larger line of SUVs, and in 2.5X, 2.5X Premium, 2.5X Limited, 2.5XT, and 2.5XT Limited trims. There was even a partial-zero-emission (PZEV) model offered. There'd be another facelift in 2011 and a new 2.5X Touring trim level before the fourth generation debuted in 2014, bringing with it an XT trim with a revised sport-oriented suspension and the new and now beloved EyeSight Driver Assist System.

Today, in its fifth generation, which began in 2019, the line of crossovers is available in a simplified lineup -- Premium, Sport, Limited, and Touring -- and it's still going strong.

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